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My name is Elizabeth and I’m a product designer and teacher.

Originally my background was a far cry from the world of computers and design, I studied classical music and pedagogy in college. I got into design while trying to create a website for my private piano practice and fell in love with the craft of creating digital products.


How to start as an Instructor and become one of Flutter’s top-reviewed instructors, Google SDK for developing apps with a single codebase

Hi Andrea! For those who don’t know you yet…

My name is Andrea. I’m originally from Italy, and after studying computer engineering I moved to the UK in 2008. I’ve been a software developer for over 10 years, focusing on iOS for the most part. I discovered Flutter in 2018, and started making tutorials and courses about it ever since.

Let’s start from Flutter. Could you tell me a bit more about what is and how it is advanced from the 1.0 release the 4th December 2019?

Flutter is an UI toolkit for building apps on iOS, Android and beyond. Since version 1.0 it has evolved quickly and it now includes support for web (beta) and desktop (alpha). …


Interview with James, the founder of this ultimate Notion Template for Growth

Meeting the founder, James

James is a growth marketer. He has worked on several projects, but the Notion Growth Workspace is his first side-project.

Let’s start from Notion Growth. I’m so excited! Could you tell me a bit more about the product itself as I didn’t know anything about it?

To be honest, the tool started with my personal use of Notion. Working across many projects, I found that there were many tasks across several areas that can make use of powerful functionality in Notion.

Initially, I would use it to plan daily tasks, but this moved into more complex things like keeping a CRM, having a fully-fledged content calendar, and eventually building out databases and views in Notion for just about every aspect of the projects I was working on. …


Drag & Drop Wireframes, Flowcharts, User Flows, Diagrams, Prototypes, and Handoff Documentation.

UXToolset team is a group of three UI/UX designers with extensive experience.

Greg Dlubacz — A versatile product designer with 13 years of experience, utmost attention to detail, and extensive UX knowledge. He’s an author of the most popular Flowchart kit downloaded over 1 mln times.

Andrew Mialszygrosz — UI/UX designer since 2007. Highly focused on web applications, design systems and design operations. He’s crazy about product scalability, usability and workflow processes.

Patryk Ilnicki — User Interface designer with 6 years of experience. He’s in love with components based design and he uses this philosophy in his daily work. A good structure of files and workflow is important for him.

Let’s start from UXToolset. I’m so excited! Could you tell me a bit more about the product itself as I didn’t know anything about it?

UXToolset is a product where you can Improve your daily UX workflow and create wireframes, flowcharts, user flows, diagrams, prototypes, and handoff documentation with drag & drop fully scalable components for Sketch / Figma. …


ShareKit restores the ability to customize link previews on Facebook and other social platforms.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Nick, founder of the digital product ShareKit. I customized the previews of my LinkedIn profile, and I was amazed by the speed and ease of the product. I took the opportunity to ask two questions and understand more from his experience.

ShareKit Landing page

Nick! Hi! Who are you?

Hi, my name is Nick. I’m a software engineer by trade and have been working on several different side projects for the last six years.

Let’s start with ShareKit. I’m so excited! Could you tell me a bit more about the product itself as I didn’t know anything about it?

Sure! Some time ago, Facebook announced that brands are no longer able to modify their link previews, which was a pretty big blow to social media managers since they care about showcasing their brand in the best possible light. …


What makes Customer Experience Excellent?

We have often talked about the focus that Designers must keep on their Customers. Today we went further by hosting Andrea Rolleri, an experience excellence ninja with 10+ years of experience across entertainment, telco and travel industries.

Andrea is the Customer Digital Transformation Director at Sky, but has spent several years with Vodafone and Costa Cruises.

You have worked for Vodafone, Costa Cruises and Sky. How do you deliver Excellent Experiences in such different sectors?

Actually these three have very few in common because the way companies work on customer experience is continuously changing and because the way they approach it is very different:

  • Vodafone is trying to leverage technological opportunities to improve customer experience.
  • Costa cruises is really focused on how customer experience can impact sales and sustain long term growth. …


How I chose the best Coworking space in Lisbon post-COVID


This article is not an advertising post. I will refer to the criteria, choices, and decisions you can make if you have to choose coworkers and what to evaluate.

It’s the story and experience of how I made mistakes, discovered, and achieved goals through a simple (comfortable) chair and desk.

Don’t underestimate anything. Success comes from the human connections you manage to make and what you value the most.

The Basic


Hans shared his vision as a co-founder of two of my favorite Mac apps as a Product (UX) Designer

I had the pleasure of connecting with Hans, co-founder of the digital product agency überdosis. It was the second time I had lost my key logins and he was kind enough to renew my subscription. I asked him directly some questions and curiosities about two of their most successful products, Glyphinder and Mouseless and its vision for the future.

Glyphinder and Mouseless Icons

Let’s start from Mouseless. Could you tell me a bit more about the product itself as I didn’t know nothing about it?


The Importance of Feeling Empathy and How to Practice It

We talked about a much-discussed feeling in the world of Design: Empathy and starting to feel Empathy.

It all started from understanding what it is and how to put in practice some personal advice to improve on it.

How We Define “Empathy”?

By definition:

Empathy is the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.

Our definition:

Get into someone else shoes

Every work Need Empathy

As Paulo Fonseca told us in the last episode, all human works need Empathy.

Being empathetic is more than just feeling.

It’s trying to identify yourself entirely with the mood and conscious of the person you interact. …


The journey of a Senior Developer with a creative vision, sharing his experience with launching his new course.

In this episode of our Life Stories series, we had the pleasure of hosting Lee Robinson, an unconventional creator: mostly a developer, online teacher and writer.

I met Lee by stumbling upon his (now free) “Mastering Next.js” video course and was delighted with his professional skill as a teacher.

Being myself a Designer, I was thrilled about his way of teaching advanced front-end development. For its new course, “React 2025", we had the pleasure of having him for a conversation about so different aspects in the creativity process.

This is a quick recap of the key moments of our conversation. …

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