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Former Apple Designer building the Ultimate SwiftUI Learning Experience

My name is Sahand Nayebaziz.

I am a an interface designer that got my start with Photoshop and graphic design. Later, I moved into very basic web development, and then iOS development when Swift was introduced.

All throughout my passion and interest has remained in interface design and to this day I do design and…


Ensuring the Design and Development alignment

Hi, I’m Varya

As an independent consultant, I help companies to launch and boost their design systems. Focused on bridging the gap for designers, developers, and business specialists and seasoned with extensive experience in component-focused UI development.

I am a design systems architect with extensive experience in management, design, and the technical side…


How Zoe launched Notion TrackerSuite and her cross-cutting thinking on how to improve products

Hey, my name is Zoe Chew.

I’m a product builder in tech and design. My apps have been featured on Product Hunt #1, Lifehacker US, Hacker Noon, Noonies Winner 2020, and tech blogs in 7 countries.

I’m working as a consultant for remote teams and tech companies based in the US/APAC to innovate solutions and solve…


Helping new generations of designers to grow with quality educational content

My name is Elizabeth and I’m a product designer and teacher.

Originally my background was a far cry from the world of computers and design, I studied classical music and pedagogy in college. I got into design while trying to create a website for my private piano practice and fell in love with the craft of creating digital products.


How to start as an Instructor and become one of Flutter’s top-reviewed instructors, Google SDK for developing apps with a single codebase

Hi Andrea! For those who don’t know you yet…

My name is Andrea. I’m originally from Italy, and after studying computer engineering I moved to the UK in 2008. I’ve been a software developer for over 10 years, focusing on iOS for the most part. …


Interview with James, the founder of this ultimate Notion Template for Growth

Meeting the founder, James

James is a growth marketer. He has worked on several projects, but the Notion Growth Workspace is his first side-project.

Let’s start from Notion Growth. I’m so excited! Could you tell me a bit more about the product itself as I didn’t know anything about it?

To be honest, the tool started with my personal use of Notion. …


Drag & Drop Wireframes, Flowcharts, User Flows, Diagrams, Prototypes, and Handoff Documentation.

UXToolset team is a group of three UI/UX designers with extensive experience.

Greg Dlubacz — A versatile product designer with 13 years of experience, utmost attention to detail, and extensive UX knowledge. He’s an author of the most popular Flowchart kit downloaded over 1 mln times.

Andrew Mialszygrosz — UI/UX designer since 2007. Highly focused on web applications, design systems and design…


ShareKit restores the ability to customize link previews on Facebook and other social platforms.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Nick, founder of the digital product ShareKit. I customized the previews of my LinkedIn profile, and I was amazed by the speed and ease of the product. I took the opportunity to ask two questions and understand more from his experience.

ShareKit Landing page

Nick! Hi! Who are you?

Hi, my…

Raffaele Vitale 🌋

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