Build your Successful Routine

How to have an immediate productivity success with a morning routine

Raf V.


I feel so much improved during these years:
I became aware of my surroundings,
I failed so many times,
I smiled many times.

But changing the approach to my productivity has been the true life-changer to me. Thanks to years of routine experimentation.

I never wanted to know anything about waking up early, doing things and doing them well.

Today I want to reveal to you how I became a morning person and the secrets that are there to become without difficulty.
Whether you are a guru of the topic or you don’t have the slightest idea, I am sure that continuing to read can help you.

It is necessary? Why?

We often hear that being productive is an attitude for successful people.
I don’t want to bore you with a report, but to respond to the actual need to have a routine.
Being the best of ourselves, regardless of our work, is achieved by starting from a mental concept.
I want to explain to you the best way to be you to adapt to your commitments and deadlines, to get the maximum benefit and be able to do it over time.
Whether you are a CEO or a worker.

Inspired by the most recent story from one of my favourite writer, Darius Foroux, about productivity routine, today I want to share my point of view on how to build a succesfull one.

The best routine starts from

Your desire to feel good…

Wake up with a smile, and be aware of what you want for yourself.
If your answer does not lead to the desire to feel good and to aspire to the best possible good for you, try again the next morning.
I learned that habits are established starting from the will and not from the obligation.
Be aware that you need to love yourself and others, and find ways to…